Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cross faction pets.... how to benefit from them for 4.2

Initially I was planning to write about another way to make easy money with wrath enchanting, but this one literally dropped in my lap when I noticed all cross faction pets have been in higher demand in the last couple days. As you all know 4.1 introduced the 100 and 125 pet achievements. At the time of those achievements release in 4.1 there was no reward offered for the completion of said achievements. However, this has changed with 4.2 with rewards being offered for both. While at the moment the rewards appear to be a single consumable biscuit that makes your pet bigger, which I'm hoping they will change real soon, the gem of 4.2 pet achievements lies in the new 150 pet achievement. The 150 pet achievement, also known as littlest pet shop, will offer Nut's acorn which is a squirrel pet. This pet will occasionally throw an acorn at a nearby NPC or player's head which results in a dazed animation but no real effect so it is still safe to have out during combat. Currently there are over a 150 pets available to players, but since some of them are bop, tcg, holiday based, or no longer available. Players will be looking for quick pets to get so they will be able to obtain this achievement. I find that cross faction pets are a huge hit on my server. Today I noticed that there were no exodar moths in the AH after someone asked in trade where they might be able to get some. Quickly jumping on to my alliance character I quickly went to exodar bought 10 of each pet and then transfered them between toons. I then posted 2 of each pet on the AH. Within a half hour all 6 pets had sold for 360 gold while my investment have only been 3 gold for the pets. I can only see demand going up with the patch release.

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