Thursday, June 2, 2011

Really Sorry....

Really sorry bout the lack of post lately, but irl business has taken priority....
For the past week I've been in the process of moving out of my old apartment and looking for a new one due to some issues. Hopefully will have the new place set up soon

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Glyphs and 4.2

Small post today, but expect a big one tommorow!!!

Glyph changes and you
Reading the most recent Ask the Dev’s yielded a very interesting gem which answered a question some players have been asking themselves since Cataclysm. Will you provide a way to speed up the acquiring of glyphs usually acquired through research and glyph books? Glyph books (Book of Glyph Mastery) are hard to come by now that people spend so little time in WotLK content. The answer to this question was yes they will be changing inscription research to include ALL glyphs and that the books of glyph mastery will provide a NO Cooldown method to do the same thing. What does this mean for scribes? This means that future new glyphs such as Glyph of Unleashed lightning can come from the books of glyph mastery. This, I suspect, is going to lead to an even higher demand of books of glyph mastery seeing as that particular glyph, for instance, is considered a must for pvp shamans and will probably be in high demand once the new season kicks off. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Neutral AH and you...

So first things first.... really sorry bout not getting this out sooner, but it was really hectic yesterday....

Couple days ago I talked about cross faction pets and how they're going to be in higher demand... today I'm going to talk about cross faction trading, the risk, and what you can do to protect your goods....

First things first if you want to trade goods cross faction you will need to go to a neutral AH. Neutral AH's are located in Booty Bay, Gadgetstan, and Everlook. Unlike regular AH's these cater to both sides as long as your neutral or higher towards Steamwheedle Cartel. If you are unfriendly or hated you will not be able to interact with the neutral AH npc. These AH's unfortunately charge a 15% cut for sold auctions meaning that, unless your prepared to take the financial hit, it is recommended that you don't post expensive goods here.

Now if you wish to trade cross faction there are two ways of doing it. You can post to the neutral ah and sell your goods there or you can arrange for your good to be put up for a very cheap price and then buy it on a character on the other faction to resell in that factions AH. Both sides have their advantages, but personally I feel that it is better to post in the alternating factions auction house for several reasons.

The first is that you avoid the cut the neutral auction house takes from you. It can really add up in the long run. Back in the early days of 3.1 I posted up Argent Tournament pets up for 3-5K each and probably sold 4 before I stopped doing the dailies. Thats between 1800 to 3000 gold lost in AH fees alone....

The second is that not a lot of players regularly check the neutral AH. As a result you are losing out many players who probably would buy said goods on impulse.

The third is that it allows you to build funds on the opposite faction. This is especially big as some times certain goods are cheaper on one faction as opposed to the other. Few months ago when cataclysm came out I saw 2 unheeded warnings up on the alliance side for 4K each, horde side where my main was these were going for 8-10K. Luckily I had enough to buy both and managed to safely get them to my horde character who then sold them for a 6K profit each. The profits gained were used to buy a world drop piece that I then sold back on the alliance side for an additional 5K profit. This means that I made a 17K profit just by spending 8K....

What do you need to do to safely transfer goods in the neutral ah between toons.

First things first you either need a second account or a friend/guildy that you can trust. If you have a second account and want to just start trading on the neutral AH I would just suggest you start running to booty bay. However, I would suggest you level your character on the opposite faction. I will explain why later....

Once you or your friend/guildy's new toon are there I would suggest that you get your main toon, or whatever toon you want to use to trade, over to one of the neutral AH's. For safety's sake I suggest that you go to either the one in Everlook or Gadgetstan, but personally, I prefer Gadgetstan. The reason for this is that all 3 neutral AH's are connected thus if you are transferring goods someone in one of those 3 are capable or intercepting them. This way you have 2/3rd's of the neutral AH's covered and can tell if someone is trying to snipe your auctions. If someone is there I recommend that you either log off and get back on later or if you really need the goods now I suggest that you post something you can afford to lose. If it gets sniped I recommend that you stop and wait, but if it doesn’t you can go forward but, exercise caution.

For this reason I also suggest that, if you can afford the time and have a 2nd account, level the alternate toon. Nothing stands out more then something level 1-5 near the neutral auction house.

However, once you are at the auction house you get ready to post whatever you want to post to the opposite toon. It’s a good idea to make sure your alternate toon has some money before hand so you avoid the classic I put something up for less than 1 silver and it got snipped by a bot scenario. I suggest putting up vendor trash on the ah for one copper and having the alt toon buy it then sell it to build some intial funds. Once you are ready you post whatever you wish to trade and have u or you friend/guildmate snag it up quickly.

Once that is done you can now post it in the opposite faction’s ah. To avoid delays I have the goods sent immediately to an alternate toon that is the same faction and then post in the AH.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So my post was delayed

Hey all I've been up writing the post for today... I should have it out tommorow morning for everyone to read...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cross faction pets.... how to benefit from them for 4.2

Initially I was planning to write about another way to make easy money with wrath enchanting, but this one literally dropped in my lap when I noticed all cross faction pets have been in higher demand in the last couple days. As you all know 4.1 introduced the 100 and 125 pet achievements. At the time of those achievements release in 4.1 there was no reward offered for the completion of said achievements. However, this has changed with 4.2 with rewards being offered for both. While at the moment the rewards appear to be a single consumable biscuit that makes your pet bigger, which I'm hoping they will change real soon, the gem of 4.2 pet achievements lies in the new 150 pet achievement. The 150 pet achievement, also known as littlest pet shop, will offer Nut's acorn which is a squirrel pet. This pet will occasionally throw an acorn at a nearby NPC or player's head which results in a dazed animation but no real effect so it is still safe to have out during combat. Currently there are over a 150 pets available to players, but since some of them are bop, tcg, holiday based, or no longer available. Players will be looking for quick pets to get so they will be able to obtain this achievement. I find that cross faction pets are a huge hit on my server. Today I noticed that there were no exodar moths in the AH after someone asked in trade where they might be able to get some. Quickly jumping on to my alliance character I quickly went to exodar bought 10 of each pet and then transfered them between toons. I then posted 2 of each pet on the AH. Within a half hour all 6 pets had sold for 360 gold while my investment have only been 3 gold for the pets. I can only see demand going up with the patch release.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Making money with wrath enchants...

With 4.2 coming up I wanted to write about an enchant that is still considered a BIS enchant even though it came from wrath. The enchant is called Enchant gloves- major agility. This is considered a must for hunters as the only real alternatives for hunter enchants in Cataclysm are +50 mastery, +50 haste, and +65 mastery. These three cataclysm recipes pale when compared to the major agility which gives +20 to gloves. The mats for this enchant are 4 Greater Cosmic Essence and 1 Dream Shard. Early in cataclysm I was selling these enchants to hunters for 300 gold in the AH and it was only costing me 20 gold to make them. I recently reentered this market and discovered there is still a lot of gold that can be made on this enchant. Typically dream shards cost 1-4 gold on my server while the greater cosmic essences cost about 12-14G. To avoid the cost on greater essences I typically buy a few abyss crystals and have them shattered. I post typically on Tuesday and Wednesday when most are doing BH and found that these sold for 150 gold profit each. With 4.2 coming out and a new Baradin Hold boss + Firelands raid  it is fairly obvious that hunters will once again need this particular enchant.


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